• Projects design

    We are a multi-discipline professional design firm specializing in electrical engineering, control systems, ventilation, cooling and special purposes design ...

  • Technical computations

    Our team is equiped for high performance computational support to our customers and able to solve numerical problems in field of control optimization, fluid dynamics, chemistry and electrical systems.

  • Energy optimisation

    There are companies running energy sources and main production technologies without depp energy integration. We help them find the right and efficient equilibrium betwwen production costs and efficiency.

  • Renewable energy sources

    Our company is ready to supply PV, Vortex turbines, Heating pumps, Solar collectors, Solar cooling, Control Systems for Wind turbines and Biogas stations and their combinations.

“ Our motto : Show us your technical problems, it's our challenge, because thinking is our passion. „

  • Retrofit Control Systems for Wind Turbines

    With our partner in wind energy we prepare two packs to improve 1. Measurement independent on implemented Control system 2. Control system replacement for increasing efficiency of wind turbines.

  • PV systems

    In this year we start to supply new system of inverters which able to strictly divide internal and external power net.

  • SCADA systems

    This summer we finishing supply several SCADA implementation for power grid systems.

  • Thermometric measurement

    For our customers we offer for several years thermometric measurement combined with computation for surfaces with low emissivity.