As the costs of energy go up so do companies´ needs to find optimal energy solutions for production. Most of our customers needs energy intensive proceses like furnaces, heating systems, cooling and freezing systems etc.. In order to effectively utilize them, it is necessary to optimize productivity, quality and energy consumption. Our products and system solutions can save energy consumption, while increasing the rate of production and reducing the amount of energy and running costs.

For control and monitoring of technologies, we have overall solutions for taking over functional responsibility. However, we also have operational consultants who can help out already during the project planning phases.

We have a broad service portfolio of operational consultants, project managers, automation consultants, and support personnel with years of experience from the different fields of industry.

Together with our partners like Schneider-Electric, TECO, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI and many others we are able to offer extraordinary wide solution for improving whole energy efficiency of your production.