Our team specialize in the design, operation, troubleshooting, and failure analysis of industrial heating and refrigeration systems. Our staff consists of mechanical and chemical engineers who understand the processes and controls associated with the following types of equipment:



Industrial users of such equipment include electric power utilities, foundries, forges, smelting and heat-treating facilities, chemical plants, and petroleum refineries, as well as pharmaceutical, food, textile, paper, and wood manufacturing facilities.

Boilers, Furnaces

We consulted on all aspects of boiler and furnace design and operation. Often we are called upon to investigate breaches in pressurized water or heat-transfer fluid vessels and piping, fuel explosions, structural failures, water chemistry and corrosion, and burner safeguards. We have performed third-party reviews of the configuration of combustion instrumentation and controls, and their adherence to relevant fire protection standards.

Freezers, Coolers

Our team investigated numerous freezer problems for large warehousing and manufacturing firms. Issues such as moisture intrusion, excessive frost accumulation, inadequate hot gas defrost, undersized evaporators and expansion valves, frost heave protection, refrigerant short-circuiting, thermal insulation design, compressor oil selection, and the trade-offs between air-handlers and unit-coolers are all within our capabilities for industrial refrigeration equipment.